Charcuterie, pronounced “shar – koo – tuh – ree,” is derived from the French word cooked or cured meat. It has been around since the Renaissance, but a lot has happened since the 15th Century. Nowadays, Charcuterie is used to describe a board filled with anything from meats and cheeses to fruits and candies. 

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Los Angeles

Based in Los Angeles, BonAppéCheese is the premiere connoisseur of luxe charcuterie boards, boxes, and grazing tables filled with premium artisanal cheeses, cured meats, gourmet crunches, fresh fruits, specialty chocolate bark, and more.

Serving the greater Los Angeles area, we cater events large and small from celebrations in your home to any type of corporate affair, as well as weddings, showers, cocktail parties, to in-flight private jet catering.

BonAppéCheese artists – matchmakers really – are here to help you find the perfect pairings of meats and cheese, fruits and vegetables, or whatever your heart desires! We look forward to serving you and your taste buds.

All of BonAppéCheese boards, spreads, grazing tables, and boxes contain true deliciousness in beautiful artistry!

BonAppéCheese is dedicated to providing you and your guests with an outstanding experience.

The Finest Charcuterie & Services
  • Corporate & Private Events
  • Anniversary Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding
  • Bridal and Baby Showers
  • Graduation Party
  • Holiday Gatherings
  • Housewarmings

            … and so much more!

Cheese Board Delivery Los Angeles

BonAppéCheese respects the food craftsmanship required.

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